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Call for Papers

Papers on the themes listed below (but not limited to) are invited for IMPACTS2023.

Theme I: Pavement Material Characterization, Design, Construction & Management

  • Characterization and modelling of pavement materials
  • Pavement recycling
  • Innovative methods in pavement construction
  • Geotechnical aspects in pavements
  • Design concepts for pavements
  • Pavement maintenance and management systems

Theme II: Travel Demand Modelling & Forecasting

  • Planning of urban transport systems
  • Travel behavioural modelling
  • Network design for passenger and freight transport
  • Transport economics and appraisal
  • Operations and management of public transport and freight systems
  • Transport impact assessment
  • Planning of smart cities

Theme III: Traffic Flow Modelling and Safety

  • Traffic control and management
  • Transport network analysis
  • ICT for traffic systems
  • Crash investigation and reconstruction
  • Road user behaviour
  • Road safety analysis and modelling

Theme IV: Intelligent Transportation System

  • Connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Transportation
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Application of AI and ML in transportation
  • Big data analytics for transportation
  • Information systems and communications

Theme V: Logistics and Freight transport

  • Logistics planning and policy
  • Freight and network capacity
  • Intermodal freight including terminal design and operation
  • Design and construction of integrated rail transportation infrastructure

Theme VI: Environment & Sustainability in Transportation

  • Environmental impact assessment of transport projects
  • Green mobility- Electricity/Hydrogen
  • Policies and planning for sustainability in transport systems
  • Renewable energy applications in transport sector
  • Pollution and environmental issues related to transportation

The accepted papers must be presented at the conference. At least one author of a paper should register for the conference. The language of the Conference is English.

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